Refinish R-M

R-M is the caring business partner with world renowned colour expertise

R-M is the caring business partner

RM has world renowned colour expertise, offering innovative, easy-to –use solutions for improved productivity for the professional global automotive refinish market.

R-M continues to develop, easy-to –use paint systems that have high covering power and are forgiving, providing the flexibility bodyshops need to increase throughput and profitability-by reducing material consumption and process times.

Dedicated R-M branded sales and technical support and customer touch points provide targeted customer solutions, aligning the brand closely with the customer.

Unparalleled colour expertise ensures R-M is at the forefront of colour identification supported by the world’s leading colour matching tool-Colormaster.

The dynamic R-M brand is partnered by vehicle manufacturers including Ford, GM, Mazda, Nissan and Volvo.

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